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Mero job Pvt Ltd acts as a bridge between educated and experienced people who are looking for work according to their qualifications. it is...


Actress Rekha Thapa and Balram Shahi. Photo: from social media February 2, Kathmandu. Actress Rekha Thapa is married. Sources said that she married Balram...

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Popular Nepali Rapper Balen Shah known by his stage name Balen has announced to stand as a candidate for Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City...

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National Identity Card of Nepal is a identity card with unique number for each and every person. The person who is a citizen of...

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Pashupati Nath Temple

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Today we will have to guess through thee image shown below where is this exact place and the name of the place. From the...

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Sarco the short form for Sarcophagus. Sarco is a device that consists of the detachable capsule that contains liquid nitrogen in it which helps...

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MoHP officialy confirms 2 Covid-19 cases of Omicron variant for the first time in Nepal. Omicron Variant was first seen on South Africa on...

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14 Peaks Nothing is Impossible is the breath taking story of Nirmal Purja MBE aka Nims Dai and his team’s of the Project Possible...

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Hydrocele Treatment Method


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Kutumba Cafe serves you the better taste of foods & beverages . It provides the better environment . It provides the big space .

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Life Insurance is a very beneficial future plan for our familiy . Insurance can help financial to our children & family even after the...

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It may be hard to keep the number of phones OnePlus has released this year. the OnePlus 7T is not as “premium” as the...


Tiktok previously was a social media video platform that allowes users to create acting with music , short lip-sync & comedy videos.


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