One of the Oldest School of Nepal in Terhatum

One of the oldest school of Nepal, Shree Pokhari Secondary School, Chate Dhunga, Terhatum. Built in 2016 B.S it is one of the early schools established in eastern part of Nepal along with some other few schools. It’s architech was inspired from the schools and colleges building structures in Darjeeling of India. As the building … Read more

Difference Between OnePlus 7T vs. OnePlus 7 Pro

It may be hard to keep the number of phones OnePlus has released this year. the OnePlus 7T is not as “premium” as the OnePlus 7 Pro, but it’s still made of the best bits. That includes 90Hz screen, triple rear camera that takes excellent low light shots and fast-charging battery. It also has the … Read more

Top Tiktok Accounts , Users of Nepal

Tiktok previously was a social media video platform that allowes users to create acting with music , short lip-sync & comedy videos. was launched on August 2014 & the parent company ByteDance purchased with $ 1 billion on November 2017 and got merged . Moreover Tiktok was the globally #1 ranked apps … Read more


The most sensitive problem of today’s people is Uric Acid along with world most of the Nepalese people are victim of it. It’s a natural waste product from digestion of foods which contain purines. Meats, Sardines, Dried Beans, Beer are some food which contain high level of Purines . Normally, during urination kidneys filters out … Read more

Harrashment , Rape , Acid Attacks

How Rape Occurs ? Every time when I heard news about the increasing rape rate, a horrifying image, a fresh horrifying image hunts me. How someone can be so cruel to someone who could be their daughter, sister, neighbor or colleague. People shouldn’t do that, to risk other freedom like that. Everywhere , everytime , … Read more

Know About ANXIETY

” G.A.D ” Do you know what those letters stand for? They stand for “Generalized Anxiety Disorder.” The textbook definition is “Severe, ongoing anxiety that interferes with daily activities .” Before we get more in depth, what exactly is just “anxiety”? Well, Anxiety could be a psychological state disorder characterised by feelings of worry or … Read more