Harrashment , Rape , Acid Attacks

How Rape Occurs ? Every time when I heard news about the increasing rape rate, a horrifying image, a fresh horrifying image hunts me. How someone can be so cruel to someone who could be their daughter, sister, neighbor or colleague. People shouldn’t do that, to risk other freedom like that. Everywhere , everytime , … Read more

Own Daughter killed her mother giving 12 Lakhs NPR as Contract Killing Money to Murderer

61-year-old woman, Sabitri Bhattarai, was found dead in her rented room at Changunarayan 7, Bansbari on Sunday 30 June 2019. After investigation by Crime dept. 4 people ( Mohammad Naushad – Nepal , Bhola Kumar – India , Mohammad Rahis – India & Iswari ) were arrested in the murder case of Sabitri Bhattarai . … Read more