Know About ANXIETY

” G.A.D ” Do you know what those letters stand for? They stand for “Generalized Anxiety Disorder.” The textbook definition is “Severe, ongoing anxiety that interferes with daily activities .” Before we get more in depth, what exactly is just “anxiety”? Well, Anxiety could be a psychological state disorder characterised by feelings of worry or … Read more

Kaanda(s) in Nepal

Recently Nepalese Social media has been successfully running as a typical place for so called “ kaanda ”. They are generally known as scandals and scams which take a viral form in the internet. Many new new scandals are rising in social media in a regular basis. They are generally a $ex video . Regarding … Read more

How To Keep Girlfriend Happy ?

  Before you know how to keep Girlfriend happy , First you must know What is girlfriend ??? Actually girlfriends are those living object which gives special pleasure to male with a greatest headache of all time. Making girlfriend means keeping yourself under the surveillance of CCTV camera, even CCTV camera captures what comes under … Read more