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Chandan Thapa : A Murder Mystery

A brutal murder which was manipulated as suicide & remain a mysterious death

A good soul ascended to heaven . Dedicated to our brother Chandan Thapa, you may have gone from among us but we will never let your smile to fade, we will make every individual to stand out against your injustice , surely you will not be here to give ear and perceive this horde and mass standing out for you but certainly we shall be there for you.

We weren’t able to hear your crying on your endmost day from this world but undoubtedly we shall fight to make your recognition more upstanding . No matter what was the reason for your demise but we shall surely provide justice to you. I have often heard,”Little drops of water, make the mighty ocean” , but indeed I have caught a sight to it today . We are extremely delighted to see a great move of pupil standing for your justice. Person to person , group to group & in a same way, flocks extended for justness of guiltless child, Chandan.

Even the people proceeding towards “Machindranath Jatra” joined and worked as a therapy to the protest. The case sparked nationwide outrage.
The obsession for our protest initiated from dusk and was constant till very nightfall. It was far away from isolation. The involvement made by youths, crowd of people heading for jatra and all the well wishers wishing for justice to Chandan Thapa fostered the protest greatly and undertook critical roles for protesting injustice.
The short and striking slogans written in pamphlets strikes governmental idiotic creatures for hours.

We had also shouted slogans thunderingly. Blame, suspicion and finger-pointing on police was continued. And the another group was so called fourth organ of nation , ” media”. Doubtlessly they don’t hold valour for bringing fact correctly from their source.

Similarly, we observed a minute of silence and burned candles with a belief that his departed soul may rest in peace in heaven. Finally the protest came to an end . We reached in conclusion that we shall face the bullets but not the unjust happening around us.

We were and are thankful to people who were not willing to give up. We always had respect and admiration for all mothers, aged people and sent heartfelt love to all the youths who lended their efforts to our protest. We are indeed hoping for same support in future days.Their boiling blood should not have turned cool until he gets justice .

We hope people won’t have been unenthusiastic and half-hearted. Blessing lies in support and good wishes of people and not in a stone. Thus, wiping out the tear of other is more vital then praying the stone. And all with his enthusiasm, we had stood up to provide justice to Chandan. But it was our irony that there were no one to hear us.

Chandan Thapa, a 14 years old boy was in a love with a girl named Rani since few period. They had a good relationship and shared everything to one another. But as time passed, their relationship went through rough patch and they broke up. The 14 year age is not a fully grown age, thus, Chandan chose a wrong path but perceived correct by himself.

He started sending animated and photoshopped pics from his fake account to Rani. Rani got about this situation. Since, she was not convinced to keep the relation she informed it to her father. Father always prompted Rani to have no worries. However, the situation was not bearable by any father and so was for Rani’s father. He decided to meet Chandan and teach lesson for all his misdeeds.

He was called in school which was a police school. Though it was day off for school, percepting that his school would be open on that day. But the strangest part is administration had already known that Chandan would pick up the phone. Chandan came and got inside the school. After while, guard closed the door immediately. It was a usual activity for Chandan. He directly proceeded to his principal’s room and saw that there was one more stranger. He was infact a police personal. Here , What was the exact logic behind calling Chandan to school?

Indeed the reason was to induce Chandan not to do so. But the serious question raised is , ” Why did they choose the offday ?” They convinced, scolded & threatened to resticute Chandan from school. But the nodles presented over that also strated beating him fiercely. He was not able to tolerate all this and he endeavoured to make a run from there.

He crashed in his principal’s door ( blood was spotted there) for the very first time. The police personal and principal panicked over the situation and asked for help with the guard. Since, the door was closed the boy couldnot think anything and started climbing upstairs. On the meantime, guard grapsed Chandan’s leg and dragged him. To defend all hits he was running away and reached first floor.

He was bitten with a craving that stabbed him. Though it was not a planned murder. They didn’t planned to kill him but was motivated by their extreme anger to do so. Chandan was wounded so deeply that he took his last breathe in first floor itself.
Chandan had shouted for help before he died and neighbours were evidence for it.

It was an unplanned murder that created complication for three persons presented there. With intense of getting out of the issue, they took dead body to the last floor of school. When people asked about situation, the guard conveyed that somebody has spitted “paan” over there and was not the blood.

Now it was a time to put away a dead body. They made a plan to manifest entire situation as a suicide rather than murder. Since there was a presence of police personal it became relaxing for them to call up police’s van and take the dead body . When people asked about what was it? who was it? They answered that he was a theif.

Police informed parents that their son had died by suicide and his dead body was in following place. After investigating situation parents concluded that it was not suicide but a murder. With the help of youths and other hundreds of people they went to the streets to protest. Not only the first day, the protest continued even for second day. The gathering was very large. The case came in greater coverage. But there was neither any authority nor any media to hear about the case.

There was no media till end of the second day. It was neither posted nor shown anywhere. The main concern is, why was not it posted ? why was not the matter spoken? Indeed it was because of presence of politics and money. Money and power helped murderers to get out easily and news was not posted. No matter it was suicide or murder not to be posted in media has suspension in itself.

Why did not anyone supported?
Murderer was past police himself. As police was murderer it must have became governmental case, that means case must have gone to home ministry, now the others ministers might also been mixed in issue. Since it was related to name, fame and prestige of mininsters, all the possible forces and influences were given. Thus, our voices weren’t recognized at all.

Why didn’t anyone listen? Why didn’t media do anything? It was all because the command was given by home ministry. In a nutshell, our voices weren’t provided with opportunity to be heard in order to prevent post and power.

Finally a brutal murder was given a name of suicide. The murder turned out into mysterious suicide on the basis of power and money.

Disclaimer : The story & the character shown in the story are totally fictional . This story doesn’t intend to harm any individual .

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