Condom shortage due to COVID-19 / CoronaVirus

The world largest company Karex BHD of Malaysia has stooped producing condom due to effect of corona virus / covid-19 . One of 5 condoms, that is used over world is produced by this company.

As Malaysian government has announced lockdown to control spreading of Covid-19, all of its branch has been closed. There are 7 branches of this company throughout Malaysia.

According to WHO records, 1 billion condoms are needed to fulfill the recent daily requirements of the world. So the Malaysian government give permission to open company even in lockdown with certain terms and conditions.

The production manager head Goha Muah Kiat had said “Now the company is going to fulfill the requirements even though we have only 50% workers are available. Hence there would be global shortage of condoms.

The shortage will last for more than month as other country like China, India are also in lockdown and those company over there can’t manufacture sufficient amount of condoms.

2161 people are tested positive of covid 19, out of which 26 people are already dead. Malaysia government has announced lockdown up to April 14, so company can’t produce sufficient number of condoms.

Also the Goha said” In this lockdown situations, the consumption of condoms are more as most of couple are inside home and they have lots of free time to play with their sexual feeling and desire without giving birth. “

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