Devices which will lose NETFILX Support Dec’19 onward

From December 1, 2019 , onward some bunch of older Samsung & Roku devices won’t able to support accessing NETFLIX .

This sudden loss of support is the stated reason of technical limitations by Netflix but it’s unclear what those technical limitations are in the first place—though the ability to auto-play episodes (or lack thereof) seems to at least be part of the problem.

The lack of transparency is frustrating & it gets even worse if you’re trying to see which devices are getting cut. Here are full list of devices which will no longer support after December 1st.

Roku devices
Roku 2000C
Roku 2050X
Roku 2100X
Roku HD
Roku SD
Roku XD
Roku XR

Most of the other Roku devices won’t auto-play the next episode . Samsung TVs between ( 2010 ) and ( 2011 ) TVs with a ( C or D ) model code. Samsung support assistance personal will help you find your TV’s code. Note that the loss of Netflix support applies to the TVs themself (ves ) only.

You can still watch Netflix on older version of Samsung TVs as long as you do so through a device that Netflix currently supports.

There is possibilities that sone more devices will get impacted by this update . Be confirm to check Netflix’s official list of supported devices in case you need to find a alternative replacement .

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