Dhan Tamang : Coffee Lab UK : A Nepali guy winning UK Latte Art Title since Last 6 Years

The shown personality is Mr. Dhan Tamang from Nepal , he’s the newly appointed MD of Coffee Lab UK , and an even newer dad. Dhan still holds the title as the only person to win the UK Latte Art Championships for 6 years consecutively and he’s the founder of DT Coffee.

More Importantly, Dhan is a very humble man from very humble beginnings having moved to the UK from Nepal over ten years ago – honing his art behind closed doors until he became a master of it. In 2013 he started to make some serious UK Latte Art Championship victories and Dhan wanted to contribute more to the industry by sharing his coffee skills and knowledge with the public.

He believes the more you teach and share, the more you get back and the more the coffee industry that he loves so much will grow in value. In 2016 Dhan co-founded Coffee Lab and shortly after, DT Coffee. Much of the magic takes place at our Winchester roastery HQ, where DT Coffee Roasters work around the clock, diligently hand selecting and roasting all of the coffee used in our bespoke Coffee Lab blend that you find across our stores today.

The result is a freshly roasted speciality coffee. In recent years we’ve had some ups, and inevitably some downs but only a couple of months into 2020 and with the addition of some fresh faces, we couldn’t be more excited about what the rest of the year will bring. We are more conscious than ever about our climate, more conscious than ever about our plastic consumption, more conscious than ever about our coffee and more conscious than ever about our business. This past year, after many changes internally we are bringing things back to our first love – our coffee and our people.


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