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Dream of being Actor

I ( Nayan Raj Panday ) always dreamt of being an actor. Everyone in my School used to call me “Dhurmus” because I acted him out a lot. But you know how acting is not taken as a regular career choice in Nepali families. So when I was in Grade 10, I was convinced at studying BBA later in my life. The dream seemed like something out of reach. But then it was Grade 11 when I made a friend, Rakesh Sah, who made me realise that I can actually become an actor, and made me look at it seriously. And as Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist” inspired me, I began running after my dream and never stopped.

Honestly, the fear that I might never achieve my dreams and may end up getting stuck in a normal, routine, boring life struck me sometimes. But I hate such life, I really do. I had to make myself strong, constantly inspire and motivate myself to become an actor. I didn’t choose to keep other options just in case. If I had options, I would never have focused 100% on what I wanted in the first place. That is what I believed. People often asked me what were my other goals if I couldn’t become an actor. I had no other goal. I believe in having plan B, but not a goal B.

I am a Nawazuddin Siddaque fan, and if you have heard of him you would know struggle isn’t something new. I tried working with a lot of people, made some short movies, but didn’t get much success. Of course there were a few friends and supporters who praised me for those, but there were people who would laugh at me saying “hero banchu vanthyo but ke banthyo!” I never said I wanted to be a hero, I wanted to be an actor.

On january, I shot a video of myself in the role of an earthquake victim, and uploaded it on facebook. I wouldn’t really say it “went viral” but then I met Bikas Baraili, Director at Lucent films. He wanted me to meet Suman Paudel. I got the script, did my homework, for about a month; twice a week for a couple of hours. When they were convinced that I can act, we began. They were really motivating, they helped me to build the character, to become the character. I had the best experience working with them, very friendly people, infact they were like a family. The shoot was on my birthday and we even celebrated later, so you could say it was my best day throughout the year.

Ever since “Bholi dekhi Chadidinchu” has been released, I have been getting a lot of positive response from people, good comments on youtube. My family is happy, Rakesh is happy, I am happy. Before this project people used to think “he says he wants to become an actor” but now they would be sure that I wasn’t just saying, I WILL become an actor. And even if they aren’t, I am sure, I will.

They say sky is the limit, but I believe I have to aim of flying higher than that. Next I have a
few surprises in life, and after graduating in 2020 I will be back in Nepal. I do believe in myself, and so I believe someday I can be one of those versatile actors in Nepal whom everyone will remember, and everyone will be proud of. I hope I won’t let me or anyone who believes in me down. 🙂

Still from the short film “भोलि देखि छाडिदिन्छु” Video link Bholi dekhi chhoddinchu

My upcoming short movie ” timi ra ma “by Time Mero Production

Credit: – Today’s Story

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