Electronic Diversity VISA 2019 – 2020 – 2021 Application – EDV Application 2019 – 2020 – 2021

Submit Your Application Here between 02 Oct to 05 Nov

Electronic Diversity visa ( EDV ) is the Random determination of candidates where US government award the chance to get visa-dependent on accessibility in your area or nation. Its like the lottery system . Every year in excess of 20 million individuals apply for this visa as it is a simple access to get permanent residency.

US government makes up to 50,000 migrants visa accessible yearly . This program is administrated by US Department of State(DOS) and led under the Immigration and Nationality Act ( INA). The best way to apply and get chose is to enter your personal information into the state office site, for nothing out of pocket.If you are chosen, despite everything you need to affirm your qualification, send in the visa application. Submit supporting documents and be booked for and go to the interview. Just if the meeting is effective the applicant will be told when and how his international ID will be come back with a visa. At the point, then the individual can move to the US following the Rules provided by the consular official and he can live any place he want that he can secure position.

Some benefits of Electronic Diversity visa:
1. You could eventually lead to becoming US citizen.
2. You can permanently live in the united state as long as you don’t commit any offensive actions.
3. You can work in the United State.
4. You will be protected by all Laws ( Local, state, Federal,)

So if you are thinking of applying there might be success at this turn of your life and your dream of residing in USA can come true! Here’s wishing you good luck for your Visa and prosperous future!


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