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How Rape Occurs ?

Every time when I heard news about the increasing rape rate, a horrifying image, a fresh horrifying image hunts me. How someone can be so cruel to someone who could be their daughter, sister, neighbor or colleague. People shouldn’t do that, to risk other freedom like that.

Everywhere , everytime , every moment I look today, I can always or very often see the advancement of man how the human mind had basically invented, created and built a new world yet strangely how that same human mind continuously allow such activities across the country where their (girls) bodies and mind are unprotected from violence, abuse and where they are targets of rape. A newly born baby is totally unknown about the thing that is going to happen to her.

A 12 years old get raped by a man twice of her age. A girl who is sitting beside her, trying to understand what might had happened to her. This is happening to the women of every age.
A Thirteen years old girl Nirmala Panta from Kanchanpur was brutally gang raped & found dead in a sugarcane field near to her home after she had gone missing the day before. Various campaign and mass protest were Organized across the country to pressurize the government but Despite all those campaign, Nepal police failed to Suspect the rapist. It’s been already a year.

Moreover , Acid attacks practices are rapidly increasing these days. Acid attacks often occur as revenge against a woman/girl who rejects a proposal of marriage , love relationship or a sexual advance. Gender inequality & women’s position in the society, in relation to men, plays a significant role in these types of attacks. It is presently a biggest threat to mankind. If a young lady rejects your proposition, simply leave her and let her go as opposed to committing vulnerable crime like throwing acid. By any chance she had acknowledged your proposal, she would have lamented as long as she can remember for picking such trash like you. Sangita Magar, an acid attack survivor from Nepal was unable to see justice served and became an activist for victims after surviving the attack.

When I looked at all the victims out there, I see myself on them because their story is my story. And I know how frightening and frustrating that could be. Everybody is granted Right to freedom but they are not able to enjoy that to the fullest. Irony is that even if you looked up to your government and laws, they don’t have space for you and for the injustice that had happened to you. Even Law alone does not stop rapes and acid attacks. Crimes like these cannot be resolved today or tomorrow. There are many social campaigns and awareness programs that are being organized all over the country to resolve these issues. Many Organizations like Nirmala Haru Bachhau निर्मलाहरु बचाऊ अभियान, OHCHR, Forum Of Women, Growth And Development and so on are directing Nationwide awareness campaign on it and working selflessly to help the victims.

Few words from Nirmala Haru Bachaau

So, let’s be the helping hands and contribute something to our society. It is guided by our social mood, so let’s work on these aspects.

  • Let’s invest on Education. Not even a single child should be deprived of Education.
  • Make sex open. Let’s break the law of Raiding hotels. Specify the red light areas.
  • Provide self-defense training to the girls in every school.
  • Teach your child about consent, especially to young boys.
  • Fill the consciousness in the mind of children by improving the curriculum that’s called Sex Education, is not only the physical changes.
  • If we want to improve society, let’s first improve ourselves and our home. Think how we treat a boy and a girl as a different species.
  • Police are the representatives of our society but they are ill. Strict rules should be made for those mental patients to admit in the mental hospital for at least five years.


Abuse and violence is generally verbal or visual. It can likewise be whatever powers an individual to be in undesirable sexual contact. There are numerous instances of sexual maltreatment and violence like voyeurism, acid attacks, gender discrimination, domestic violence, exhibition and inappropriate behavior. It is ok to live in scarcity but it is hard to live with a kind of fear. So let you join us and be the collective voices for those who are suffering. Let’s make this world a beautiful place and let’s work selflessly to protect their human rights.

Some more examples of Rape & Murder Cases



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