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How To Keep Girlfriend Happy ?


Before you know how to keep Girlfriend happy , First you must know What is girlfriend ???

Actually girlfriends are those living object which gives special pleasure to male with a greatest headache of all time.
Making girlfriend means keeping yourself under the surveillance of CCTV camera, even CCTV camera captures what comes under it’s lens but girlfriend are those CCTV camera which can capture wherever and whatever and everything.
It can see the things which already happened and even the things which are not supposed to be happen. & won’t happens ever & ever .
It can listen the words which are said and even the words which are unspoken.

Girlfriend is above FBI CBI and all, they are more dangerous than the SPY neighbour. Basically it’s a cancer with benifits and girlfriend is last stage of cancer. But having girlfriend is also a swag . Girlfriend is also something equivalent to Chinese product with a Hindi poverb ” chale to chaand Tak , nahi toh raat tak ” . The main thing having girlfriend is we can share all our feelings too.

So let’s come to the point How to keep Girlfriend happy ?

We can say There is huge Bible of books on how to make Girlfriend happy but it’s not practically possible to quote all those . So here are some few selective points to be implement to make Girlfriend happy .

1. wear what she likes only which is not totally of your choice .

2. make you wallet heavy Everytime . It’s non of her concern how you will manage it .

3. don’t even deny her choice on any thing & circumstances, agree with her choice even that’s the worst choice in the universe even . The choice One of her is you itself.

4. give her the fullest time no matter if you are at work . You have to stick with her untill she gets irritated & asks not to be . If you ask the same thing with her that will be an ignorance. So agree on this point even with her .

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5. If she asks not to flirt with any girls that indirectly means she is asking not to talk even with any girl , I repeat not to talk with any girl .

6. Never ever like , comment on posts or photos of any girls on social media . If you did so you will accused guilty in the court of her love on charge of not giving time , she is not much important for you or you are ignoring you . She will fu*k you emotionally at any cost.

7. Compliment her , praise her at any thing she does no matter if she is wrong because girlfriends are always right .

8. You should purchase her gift on some specific days like her birthday , her puppy’s birthday , her friend’s birthday , her sister’s birthday , her brother’s birthday, love anniversary , happy Sunday , happy Monday , happy Tuesday , happy Wednesday , happy thrusday , happy Friday & happy Saturday , new year , year end , Holi , Diwali , Dashami , Xmas , all days of Valentine’s only . I repeat remember some of these days only .

9. You must not delay a micro second to respond her texts else you are busy as per the law on her love .

10. Make night call , day calls , morning calls , midnight calls , mid-day calls , evening calls , early morning calls & even texts has the same process but in the case she couldn’t she might have work , she may be busy , she might have sleep or she failed to do this because of some reasons.

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