If I Die

Thinking about whether I ever kicked the bucket; would I be able to go to a similar spot. Would I be able. Would I be able to be mistaken by death. Is there any eternal life. Truly or no. wouldn’t it be? I don’t have the foggiest idea yet I don’t wanna die.

So here, I demand my companions when I leave the world , give my heart to a youngster who can muster up the courage to battle for his nation.

Give my blood to the child if he is lacking blood so he can make due as well as fly over the lives.

Give each fibrosis skin of my body to a lady who is ignited with fire or acid so that it can bring her magnificence back.

My valuable eyes, offer it to the visually impaired individual with the goal that he can see the fun-loving world.

Consume my extra derision practices in the fire of my memorial service.

Also, spread the brunt ashes over the blossoms so it can become stunningly better.

I need to do this all. I need to give it all.so that I can left my essence in somebody or I can live in someone after my destruction cause I want to live significantly even after my demise.

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