Love VS Attachment

Sometimes people mistaken love and attachment from each other. Here are the clear differences.

Attachment is the thought the you need someone’s presence. You tend to be too clingy and you have to see them almost everyday. It is the thinking that he or she is the reason why you are alive and you can’t live without him or her.

Love is not possessive. It is when you give someone his or her personal space. You give them their time. You tell them to take time. You give them privacy. You do not control him or her.

Attachment is when you are scared of your future with him or her. You do not want to lose the person because you have invested so much. You lose other relationships because the relationship with him or her is the most important.

Love is when you feel secure with the relationship. You still enjoy your relationship with your friends. You do not fear about your future because you are so damn confident that your love will withstand the test of time.

Attachment is seeing the person as a perfect one. You cannot see any flaws with them. You try to convince yourself and feed your mind with reasons every time they treated you like shit.

Love is seeing that person as imperfect but you chose to love him or her. You know that he or she is capable of hurting you and you accept that. It is always working on your differences because you know that your relationship is a work in progress.

Attachment is the thought that everything is just easy. It is easy because it is not real love. It just admiring someone’s attributes that you find pleasing.

Love is knowing that it will never be easy. It is about sacrifices. It is about apologising and forgiving. It’s fights and make ups.

Attachment is just a shallow connection with someone. Love is letting go if needed. It is accepting fate’s course. It is about being okay with being hurt. It is believing that real love will come again.

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