Meme Nepal’s ADMIN got arrested after review statement on BirBikram 2 movie ( with full video )

Meme Nepal is an entertaining page where they entertain us making different prank and other stuff.

Being a meme creator they made a review of a movie Bir Bikram 2 which was directed by Milan Chamling. They case a file against meme Nepal for making review of their movie and now admin of meme nepal Mr Pranesh Gautam is in custody and the case is in the court.


Link of Review Video Clip by Pranesh Gautam to watch full video.

Confirmation Copy of his arrest

Sorry for my country they cannot arrest the rapist even after identifying them, knowing the corrupted people they cannot arrest them, lots of fraud case are pending they don’t give interest.
Road contractor consume all money but road is still full of dust and full of water, murderer are roaming freely they can’t arrest them.

I feel sorry for my country
If this matter is gone to international level there will be the biggest joke of the era and all of the people in the world laugh at this joke.
Arresting the admin of meme nepal was only the work left for nepal police.

And still chief of Nepal Police says
We are asia’s number 1 in investigation .


Here are some shorts of Public Responses on his arrest

#RealeseHim #ReleasePraneshGautam

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