My dad my hero

Two things my Dad never lets slip by; the opportunity to make you laugh and the opportunity to remind you he loves you.

Us kids and our mum, we’re pretty lucky. Dad’s comfort in expressing love to his family— his genuine “I love you”s and his endless tap of forgiveness and affection is remarkable. And them hugs—his strength passes through you like a surge of confident energy is being gifted.

Even at my worst, even when I’ve been prickly or rebellious, even when we’d said the nastiest things to each other or I’ve physically pushed him away, Dad can draw me back in with his fierce, unconditional love. Love capable of making you feel tragically important.

And even through these last few long and arduous years of illness and uncomfortableness, even in this final journey while he lays here mostly motionless, destiny out of his control, he’s stayed sharp as a tack and found every opportunity to make us all cackle. I love him even more for that.

I am going to miss him so much. His big hugs and cheeky smile. His indulgent command of a room. His stories. His fierce love. That beautiful face. I am already frightened of the hole he’s going to leave. But I’ll never forget how loved I am. What a gift. ?
Credit: Today’s Story

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