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One of the Oldest School of Nepal in Terhatum

One of the oldest school of Nepal, Shree Pokhari Secondary School, Chate Dhunga, Terhatum. Built in 2016 B.S it is one of the early schools established in eastern part of Nepal along with some other few schools. It’s architech was inspired from the schools and colleges building structures in Darjeeling of India.

As the building is old and and due to recent 2072 B.S (2015 A.D:) earthquake, the building got red alert from the enginners due to which this particular building is not used for regular classes. If proper rennovation is done the building is still strong enough to run classes for another 10-20 years smoothly. Recently another building just below this old building is being being used to take regular classes.

Chate Dhunga itself is a tourist attraction in Terhathum. This ancient piece of art adds more beauty and more place to visit people in Terhathum. It’s not only government’s job to preserve this but its also a responsibility of local bodies and people to preserve it. Don’t forget to take a tour of this school and attractions near this schools like Chate Dhunga, Pokhari, Local Village, temples etc in your visit of Terhathum.

Photo & Information by : Bishal Humagain

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