Pillars of a Good Life

1st view:

Amongst health, wealth, love and happiness. It’s just obvious that the two most important are health and happiness Though happiness is enshrined in love, but what if you don’t find a partner, are you supposed to be unhappy?…hell NO…Rather you keep your mind happy
Therefore the two choices not to compromise are HEALTH and HAPPINESS

2nd view:

Health and Love.
I believe in “Happiness is only real when shared”. I won’t choose happiness. I mean how could you expect to stay happy all of the time and even if somehow you manage to do that, it’ll become routine for you and you’ll end up losing its value. We cherish things when they aren’t always available.As it goes for wealth, you just can’t get enough. Everything comes with a price. A price money fails to bargain with.

3rd view:

For me, love is everything. i am not talking about the sex type of love, but higher states of love. God is love and so love is god .happiness tends to be conditional – i am happy because of something. but if you remove that something, i will be unhappy.wealth also is conditional. i know many very rich people but most of them are just unhappy because they keep comparing themselves to others and there is always someone who has more than you.health is important of course, in order to survive long enough to do the other one. i would choose love and health.

health wealth love and happiness are pillar of good life

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