Radhe Sada – Itahari 8

Radhe Sada , he is 7 years old studying in grade 1 in government school at Itahari – 8 , Tengra Tole . He is from very poor family . His father works very hard & has only seasonal works . They are surviving a tough life but they are happy even though . They are having total 4 member is house . He is very good in studying & even he suggests for tuition classes to his small friends of his age .

This picture was just random click but he was in unusual getup that day .

I asked ” why did you dressed well today ? why did you tie you hair ?

He replied , his sister was getting married that day .

His innocent smile has no value . His smile proved me how even people are happy without a luxury life . How people get happy with just a little things on their regular life .His smile teached me BEING HAPPY IS MUCH IMPORTANT THAN LIVING A LUXURY LIFE .

Clicked by Binod Nepal

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