SEE RESULTS 2019 – 2075/76


( SEE ) Secondary Education Examination
is of the most important examination in the educational system of Nepal.

Previously SEE was also called School Leaving Certificate & this is also the iron gate of Nepal education . The system was changed according to the new Education Act 2016 ( 2073 ).Now the result has been publishing for the year 2076 in 12th of Ashad around 3 pm.

Here are some authenticated ways to check the SEE results .

1. Sparrow SMS

This is one of the best way to check for the result. This facility allows you to check for the result either your are passed of failed and if you are passed it shows your grades. The message you will received will be of the given format: “Congratulations your symbol number is 9999999A. You have passed. GPA : XYZ ”

For this you need to send the text message typing: SEE Symbol-number and send this message to number 35001.

2. To check the results with your marksheet:
The following websites will guide you through the result check. This is the best official website from Government Of Nepal Ministry Of Education, Science And Technology Office Of The Controller Of Examinations.

3. NEB ( National Education Board )

Another popular website of National Educational board. This website even shows your marksheet.

4. Edusanjal

Similarly this site is also popular and allows you to see your pass or fail result along with the mark-sheet of your result. Edusanjal is the popular blog in Nepal that helps to show the result.

5. NTC ( Nepal Telecom )

This is also one of the most authenticated website for SEE results check . This website helps you to show your pass / fail results .

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