Son Killed his Father because of PUBG Mobile Game – Karnataka India

A boy killed his father after his father banned him to play PUBG game on his smartphone. After killing his father, he cut down his bodies into smaller pieces and pieces. This is the accident of village called Kaakati, Bangalore.
According to police, his father Mr. Sankarappa Kunwar of age 60 years old was ex senior police officer.

The son Raghubir Kunwar was 25 years old, who keep always busy on playing games and hangout with his phone. Sankarappa have many times try to motivate his son to do some useful work for his future rather than chilling with his phones.

But the son does not listen to his father instead he keeps quarreling with him many times a day. So, their relatives were also disturbed from this day to day fighting between father and son and they have reported to police few days ago.


The police have called Raghubir and his parents to the station and tries to convince them to solve their internal problem and do not make a great issue to disturb the whole society.

Last Saturday Raghubir was playing game till late night around 2 am, then the father wakes up and tries to take his son phone under his control but his son got angry with this action of his father. So, the son takes out a sharp knife and attack on his father’s neck and the father died instantly. Just after that he cut his father bodies into small pieces and pieces as his anger was out of control and after half an hour of this accident, he leaves home.Police have arrested Raghubir this morning from the railway station while he was trying to escape from the village.

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