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Suicide is not always a suicide sometimes it’s a Murder

suicide is not always a suicide sometimes it’s a murder

To die ? To kill yourself ? To stab yourself ? To suicide ?

It is not that relaxing to murder yourself. It is not that easy to puncture the quench of your feelings , to choke your sentiments . And they effortlessly say he was a coward , he was a craven , he wasnot able to tackle the situation and he suicided.

He was merciless, he was mean. Family friends nobody came ahead his sight while he was suiciding ? In this few words , the entire point is justified.Had person commiting suicide never thought of these before and all the intimacy, warmth and endearment he possess for his family and friends?We try to escape even a single injuries in order to escape its hurting to us.

We still go through so much pain in course of trying to avoid pain. And suddenly in between these struggles a person trys to commit suicide or he suicides? Had he really stabbed himself if he lacked couage? He inhaled poison, but how a craven person could develop a guts for it? Thus, he was never a coward. In fact, it requires a lot of corage to possess unbelievable conviction to end up everything .

So many suicides happened- out of the blue . Does person commit suicide at the meantime the problem arises? Isn’t he aware that he is planning or thinking about it? Perhaps not , suicidial feelings arises to person several times but he guides himself not to do so.

A person switches his plan of suicude couple of times by considering all the responsibility of him and because of compassion and love for his family and kins .He sustains and keep his physical existence safe couple of times . But when person always finds a way to disappoint him and couldn’t identify path for living , when a person finds dwelling in grave is much more relaxing than dwelling in earth , when he doubts that nobody cares for him and it pulls him down , when person finds all the doors of his life are closed , then he realizes his demise as a victory of life and finally suicides. With his closed eyes he closes all his dreams and deaires for living. And people effortlessly label him as a coward person.But neither he was a coward nor he had tried notwithstanding .

He may had experienced every devastation, tried to fight every war and ascend every peak . He may had tried to walk in every tough situations of his life . But all his endeavours went in vain . He became unsuccessful . Thousands of his endeavour went in vain but still he kept continuing with a very small hope. ” It may be finer today , it may be finer tomorrow , it may definitely be finer after while” with these hope he tried to live bunch of times. May be the time couldn’t sribble his right time. It was his irony that he was losing every time to wake up. His every attempt was failure, he got every boundary exceeded .

He couldn’t make his dream come true, he couldn’t victory over his ambition , his aspiration , could not reach to height of satisfaction . Victory over death . What does a lost mind do? He was compelled, he was forced. Thus, a person failed in life tried to conquer his death.Suicide of a person happens in two stages of a life. Certainly life can be painful and overwhelming at times but in such some sustains and other suicides .

Once a person dies when he is in need of his belongings most but he neither gets love nor gets any support from them. He is blind by feeling of self- loathing, hopelessness and isolation . Though he tries to survive from this situation but his inner soul had already died. The suicide happening at second stage is only a process of destruction of physical existence . In fact, suiciding person doesn’t kill himself he kills his sufferings, dreams and want for living.

In a nutshell, a person doesn’t want to die he just wants his pain to stop. In this today’s world, the couple of lifes ends by these slight matters . If we want yo make someone sustain we just need to know their needs and back them when needed . We should comfort them in every stage of their sufferings because suicide is not always the suicide sometimes it’s a murder .

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