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Through the feminist eyes

All men are same

All men are same

Inquiry: Have you at any point asked that to your dad, who is you:- he is the no.1 billy goat.

Question: If men are billy goats then who is the goats of market?

Answer: If you don’t need to keep the name goats market then shamefulness has happened to the ground.

Through the feminist eyes

Those men who invented the love was the individuals who didn’t have enough cash to go to brothel yet fuck men just observe moisture and breasts that is the reason I hate men and it’s my fondness and obligations to punish fuck men.

Question: Are you a lesbian? In any case, for what reason you don’t meet or see any young lady?

Answer: I am somewhat unique animal, They are defenseless animals , not my companion.

Question: Everyone’s visual perception isn’t that terrible. The lord has given these eyes to see the world and why the another creature of a similar world; female attempts to identify her weakness in the mirror when she reaches home if no man looks at her face when she is passing them on her way? Why she cannot sleep gently at night?

Answer: we should pluck their eyes and play marble with it. We should cut their penis off and feed them. We ought to have the option to drag them who feature their body and attempts to tempt male for the sake of beauty competition.

Through the feminist eyes

My life my standards. Why I ought to be worried about the another person perspectives? Why its a migraine for them whether I return home earlier or not? Ladies can’t be equivalent to men as long as they don’t sleep in drain due to over utilization of hard beverages.As long as ladies don’t beat their husband, ladies cannot be equivalent to men.

Question: Do you drink? How would you manage money?

Answer: my dad doesn’t give me cash, I steal. He doesn’t even know.

Question: Are you virgin? Won’t you spend your nights with a man throughout your life?

Answer: Want a virgin young lady? Is it an alcohol to be virgin? I’ll sham your tongue. The time has changed at this point. We will get up And make man down.

Through the feminist eyes

Recently the controversy created by the speech of a lady on stand-up comedy show . Many people are criticising about her words & content selection and what I notice is most of the females are reacting as physco Feminist . I wonder what types of freedom they want ? I wonder to which level they want freedom ?
They are again comparing the same shit why female can’t , instead they should raise their voice not even male should perform using such slang words in public .

Why men only express awful words? We should likewise have rights. We will likewise stroll with men in an open spots tossing unpleasant words.

unconscious but passionate feminist.

Once a great man PAT Robertson said

FEMINISM encourages women to leave their husbands , kill their children , practice witchcrafts , destroy capitalism and become LESBIANS .


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