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Usain Bolt of 8000 Meters

14 Peaks Nothing is Impossible is the breath taking story of Nirmal Purja MBE aka Nims Dai and his team’s of the Project Possible

Nirmal Purja and his team climbed the world’s all 14 Peaks which are greater than 8000m in just 6 months and 6 days and hold a guiness world record along with the other world records in mountaineering.

He started the Project Possible by first climbing the Annapurna Mountain on 23rd April 2019 and just completed in less than 7 months. He climbed all the 14 Peaks in 3 phases in which he climbed 6 mountains in 1st phase, 5 mountains in 2nd phase and 3 at the last or the 3rd phase.

As the title suggest I am Usain Bolt of 8000 meters was told by Nirmal Purja at end of the 14 Peaks Documentary as he compares himself with the Usain Bolt of running as nothing can stop him from achieving the goals he had setup in life.

Below is the things said by himself in his Instagram handle:

I am the Usain Bolt of 8000ms – no one can defeat me. Like the legend that is @usainbolt runs on the track, that’s how I operate at the top of the world – at 8000ms, no one can defeat me.

Usain Bolt said: “Anything is possible I don’t think limits” – we have the same mindset, I say – “Nothing is Impossible, there are no limits. You can achieve your new possible.”

In this sneak peak at #14Peaks my team and I had just summited Broad Peak – completing all five of the highest peaks in Pakistan in just 23 days. I felt like I could do anything.

People often ask me why I climb mountains, and I tell them that it is because of the feeling you get that you can achieve anything. Because when you are up there it is just you and the mountain, everything else falls away – I am most alive in the death zone – on the edge of life and death. I feel like I can do anything.

Thank you for your support for #14Peaks – keep spreading the word! This is a global movement!

Content and Image Source: Nirmal Purja Instagram Handle

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