What actually A Girl Wants – Her Likes & Logics

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Well ! Here are some funny facts about a girl ( To whom it may Concern ) 🙂 Their likes & logics

  • Crush :

Well ! I have never seen any girl saying her crush to any economically weak person or any average looking person. Their crush are in some selective criteria. Their crush seem to be successful personality, actors, players or other highlighted ones. Their prince in dream always travel with white horse. They never dream of someone walking on his bare foot. In this world of technology, I have never seen any girl posting her crush like driver, sweeper, dish washer, waiter etc.

  • Body Structure :

Fat guys have to deal with many rejection from women but fat girls think men should love them for who they are. Ugly guys have to face mirror to approach any girl but ugly girls should be accepted for who they are. If any girl quotes you ugly or not of her level that is true. If any guy does the same that is racism .

  • Choice Attitude :

Guys are obese and ugly but girls are cute and soft. Guys don’t deserve to have expectation or even choices but girls must get a model regardless of her looks or behavior. Attitude suits a for girls no matter what, but guys need to be either handsome hunk or have a chocolaty face to have some attitude. There are many other examples of Girls logic too.

  • Future :

If any guy seek well settled girl then that is so creepy character or that guy may not have enough guts to achieve something on his own but eventually if any girl goes for the same that is matter of her future, career, life and no one is allowed to judge her.

There is a difference between Feminist and Feminazi and most of the women we see nowadays claim to be the former one but actually are the latter one.

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