What type of VGNA you have ?

Have you ever noticed what type of vgna you are having ? Are you even aware there are multiple types of vgna ? You do not need to wonder if you don’t know of it .

It turns out, all vgnas look bit quite different.
It vary person to person. However, vgnas are classified in five different types.

Vgnas are classified with the labia majora (the outer lips) and the labia minora (the inner lips). Here are those 5 types of vgnas .


The most uncommon shape is Barbie, in which the labia minora are totally contained within the labia magora. The most people think of when they picture a vgna, but it is not what most vgnas look like.


This is Similar as Barbie is the Puffs. The labia minora are contained within the labia majora, but the lips of the vgna sit lower on the the pubic pone ‘either full and puffed up or thin and loose’.

It is important to notice , the way the lips hang has little to do with the age or weight of a woman.


Curtains is a Mel’s name for when the labia minora extend past the labia majora, sticking out either a bit or more lot. This shape is actually the most common to all .

4.Horseshoe :

Women with the Horseshoe have a vgna that opens wider at the top but closes at the bottom, with the shape of a horseshoe.

5.Tulip :

The Tulip looks like a tulip which looks about to bloom, with the labia minora slightly exposed up and down the labia majora.

No matter how your vgna seems ,Your vgna is perfect. It’s just like a curtain. You will not hate your house if it had ugly curtains.’

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