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Once a 62 years old man got a defect over his right eye and got a visual defect in him. At night he cannot see and sense anything around him. After checking his eye, doctor found that the vein to the right eye is becoming narrow and narrower to pass blood. At report they (doctor) gives the conclusion that he will not be able to see anything afterward trough his life time. Is this possible to cure??

Our soul is the greatest gift the god, the baby inside the mother womb get all the nutrients through navel. And it is fact the navel still become hot for 3 hours even after the death of human beings.After the nine months (270 days) of the sexual intercourse, a baby become physically fit to come out to this world. Till 270 days, he/she get all the requires energy from navel so, navel is a great part of human body. Behind the navel, there is navel button which contains 72000 blood cells.

If we use oil or ghee of cows in navel, we get lot of benefits for human body like :

1.Cure Visual defect
Before sleeping add 3 to 5 drops of coconut oil to your navel.

2.Cure Back pain
Before going to bed add 3 to 7 drops of mustard oil to the part 4cm radius of your navel

3.Pain due to cold and for healthy body add few drops of oil to your navel and do a slight massage around it.

4.To remove Pimples
By adding oil to your navel, it also helps to remove and cure pimples of your mouth and chicks.

Are you wondering why we have to add oil to our navel?? Here is the reason:Mostly all the blood veins and nerves are connected to navel so adding oil to doesn’t let the veins to die dry. As we all have seen mostly people give oil massage to the recently born baby which helps the baby to stay healthy and happy. It removes all the pain occurring to the child.

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