meme Nepal got NO CHILL with Controversies

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The youth of Hetauda have submitted a memorandum to the home minister Ram Bahadur Thapa on 04 November 2019 last monday . They submitted it through chief district officer of Makawanpur, Premraj joshi.

Copy of Submitted Memorandum

They have demanded legal action against a guy named Vishal Gautam as he posted an objectionable statement about Heatauda buspark in Facebook. The youth also demanded removal of that particular video from social media which was posted on popular facebook page meme Nepal and strict action against the perpetrator.

Gautam alleged that the buspark of Hetauda is famous for the sexual activities when he was in airport ( buspark) of Heatauda pointing/tapping his nose. This is a major concern of the youth of Hetauda as they said that it will negatively affect the youth and discredit the Hetauda.

However the content made my them was not so offensive as their supporters says .

meme Nepal even have many other controversies before this incident , pls check to know the top of this article .

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