Never Wear Red Color SAREE

The most beautiful thing god ever created after nature is a woman . The time God took to create a woman was nearly equivalent to rest of the things which covers all the planets , stars , galaxies everything we could imagine . God is the best creator of all & he was suppose to make a perfect thing and he created a woman with full of emotions , responsibility , love , prosperity , gratitude , swag , shy .

All the ornaments initially God gave to a woman is emotions , responsibility , swag , shy etc as a woman was created naked . After hundreds of century human invented clothes passing through the green leaves covering themselves . Later on human invented Sarees . When woman started wearing saree many of the men were speechless , they were shocked after seeing a woman in saree . Woman seems more gorgeous in red saree even more . They seems like a blossom red roses .

As we know all that it has been scientifically proven that a man heart is more emotional than a woman’s heart . It is more weak than a woman’s heart . So Preety women don’t wear red saree . It may give a heart attack to mem. It may take a life of many mens . Avoid red saree , avoid looking so gorgeous , stop looking so Preety . Save Men . ? This may be funny but this is fact .

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