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Reasons to Love Nurses ( International Nurse Day )

Nurses are angels. Formally they are the trained medical personnel who are busy in managing ,analyzing and curing the patient. As doctors are claimed to be god, they are angels who are busy to assist the doctors and sometimes they work independently and voluntarily.

They possess incredible force of positive vibes and are the cause for the changes in the vibes. They treat patient physically,mentally and psychologically too. They give their best efforts to bring drastic change in the patient’s condition.

All of us have once talked to them and we can feel a kind of positive vibrations when they treat us. Their sweet and gentle nature and shrill voice treats the patient. And you are lucky if your life partner is Nurse.

For those who don’t know what she actually does , She is an angel who aims to cure the patient through medication and also make him/her feel better and supported. They are supportive,caring and loving.
Here are the some BIG  reasons to love nurses:

1. Complexity to Simplicity.
A nurse is responsible for the conversion of complex matters to a simple form. Being a nurse needs a lot of dedication and study of science and technology. They know to apply the science and technology long with the simple psychological methodologies to treat the patients.

2. Skilled and Trained
Nurses carry a great back history of training and they are specialized. They have obtained a lot of training and seminars during their nursing school time to be a perfect nurse. They are well known and mature enough to use the appropriate skill at the appropriate time that helps them to be a perfect one.

3. Helpful and Caring
Nurses are always helpful to all of the people. Not in the hospitals only they are caring and helpful outside the hospital premise. They aim to help the patient for speedy recovery. They love to help others and never feel bored to serve the patients. They are passionate to help others.

4. Demanding schedule
Inspite of such tight schedule they somehow manage to give time for their family,clients and friends. Theyare great bond maker and make the relationships stronger. They a;so help in maintaining social welfare.

5. Motivators
Nurses are permanent in the hospital. Doctors aren’t available all the time but nurses are available all the time for the clients. They are always dedicated to the patients. They serve the patients  any time.

6 Responsible
Nurses are a responsible personnel in the hospital. As they are assigned with the responsibilities of many departments, they need to complete them in Time. They complete their responsibility and manage the time to be responsible. As their one irresponsible act might take the life of patients, she is well aware about her responsibilities. Completing the assigned task in given time with full performance and dedication is the main act of the nurses.

7.Devoted for care
Nurses don’t look up for the castes,color and raceof the clients. They are always focused with the current condition and all time analysis of the patient’s condition. So they are always devoted for the customers. They have a depth of knowledge of experience.

8. Their work is emotional.
Nurses help you through a range of emotions during your stay. Whenever we are in the hospital or visit a medical institution, nurses are there who support us emotionally.

Some quotes to support nurses“Nurses are the experts in the science of caring as well as the art of providing for the needs and well-being of another.”

“They do their job constantly with open ears with a great attitude no matter what the situation is. I appreciate them for caring for me when I was at Shadyside, St. Margaret, Hillman, and my local doctor’s office by my home.”

“Because they took great care of me even when I was not lovable”

“Nurses are just incredible people first and foremost. They care and give selflessly. So proud to be one!”

“Nurses work relentlessly.”

“All nurses are heroes!”

Happy International Nurse Day to All The Beautiful & Handsome Nurses across the World.

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