Some Major Jokes Cracked by Nepalese Government Personals

It is a big shame for us to listen such jokes cracked by Government Personals . They often commiting us for the bright development of our town or nation & they forgets their promises with fading glory of our claps during the speeches they made.

Now we people even don’t laugh at their blunder jokes .Here are some shorts of commitments & promises which they do not fulfilled or they won’t fulfill . They are just making a fake hope between us.

1. Water Boats

Below given snap is the press release establishing Water Boats Office .

This is our country where Office is established & water Boats doesn’t exists at all. A beautiful example of joke.

2. Melamchi Water Supply

The below given snap itself says how the government cracked joke in last two decades .

3. IIFA Award

Firstly government announced to held this award ceremony with 44 crores budget & they showed us Camera ” This is prank , look the hidden camera .

4. Smart Film City

This is one of the very latest joke . The country where the roads are not even roads , still people walks many miles to reach the highway & they are cracking jokes to map film city which may take a single decade more .

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