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The Flag Man – Pride of Nepal

Nepal is the small and landlocked country but it has occupied its places in the topics of many resources in the hearts of world’s people. People of the world come to Nepal and visit it’s all the topography and geographical territory that gives them pleasure and full return of their investment after visiting the Nepal. Nepal is not only have adopted the names by natural resources production but also in the sector of mountains. It’s the country of brave warriors, mountainous and historical architect. The country has never become the flank of any other country.

“When I hold the flag, my energy level is different.
When I hold the flag, pains in my body disappear.
Even when i sleep, I keep the flag in my room.

It is the power of the sun and moon.”
The national flags of countries usually take on a quadrilateral shape. But Nepal’s flag, which was adopted 1962, is the only one flag in the world that has two overlapping triangles, representing the Himalayas. Holding this flag in the streets, in front of monuments and heritage sites, and at campaigns is 63 years old Laxmi Narayan Shilpakar, popularly known as the Flag man of Nepal. He’s travelled across the country with a flag that’s double his size while promoting love and peace, and encouraging the youngsters to take the lead.

He said, “I went from Mechi to Mahakali to spread the message of love for our flag, all about sharing happiness with all humans, and to be like the moon and sun. many liked it, i went for about one and half months. it was about 1018 kilometers and i wanted to walk. many youths supported me and gave me a life on their motorbike.”
Laxmi Narayan holds the flag in public places every day attracting passersby and tourists who want to take the photo with him and the flag. But what sets him apart is that he does not accept tips from the public. he gives stickers to those who show respect for the flag.

He said, “I’m able to manage my daily expenses, so i don’t take money. i hold the big flag, but for others i want them to hold these small ones. i distribute around 50 to 500 flag stickers every day for my own initiative.”

The national flag of Nepal is the world’s only non-quadrilateral flag that acts as both the state flag and civil flag of a sovereign nation. The flag is a simplified combination of two single pennons (or pennants), known as a double-pennon. Its crimson red is the symbol of bravery and it also represents the color of the rhododendron, Nepal’s national flower, while the blue border is the color of peace. Until 1962, the flag’s emblems, the sun and the crescent moon, had human faces, but they were removed to modernize the flag. The current flag was adopted on 16 December 1962, along with the formation of a new constitutional government. It borrows from the original, traditional design, used throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, and is a combination of the two individual pennons used by rival branches of the ruling dynasty.
The man who made Nepal’s flag is great, but we don’t know who created it. the red symbolizes energy and strength of youths in the country, it represents all the human beings, women and their rights. and the blue is the symbol of openness. now people have loved Nepal’s flag and they love the country, and young people are working for its betterment.
It was during Nepal’s democracy movement in 2006 that Laxmi Narayan started holding the flag in public. now with support from his family, he continues his routine of showcasing the flag, hoping to convey ideas of nationalism and patriotism. we need more youths to love the flag and to lead the country and bring the happiness to a population of 30 million people.

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