World’s Tallest Trident ( Trishul ) – Dang Nepal

Ghorahi , this is located in Dang district under Province No. 5 . Ghorahi is also the biggest city of Dang which covers 2955 Square Kilometers & Dang is bigger valley of Asia itself . Ghorahi has many historical places & religious spot as well . Among them Pandeswor Mahadev Temple at Dharapani which is nearly 10 kilometers south from the city .

According to the myth, 5 pandavas from mahabharata story were travelling to Swargadwari to get rid of their sin for killing own relatives in mahabharata war. While on the journey they rested here and Bhima build the Shiva Linga on one big stone so they could worship. It is said that it is the same shiva linga, it is build on one stone. This place is spiritually charged. So many improvement has been done these days.

The temple has the Tallest Trident ( Trishul ) made by 5 minerals . That Trident has 41.5 ft of length &
6000 kg of weight .

Dharapani has become the best tourism spot & it’s a best for picnic programming Now . The place has the huge gathering during Shivaratri festival. Thousands of people visits during those days & in even in normal regular days . Bussiness of local people is also increasing because of this holy place .

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