Depressed people are the strongest & most struggling

Have you ever gone through depression ? Have you ever seen the depressed people ? Have you ever tried feeling them ? How you ever noticed how hard their lives are ?
” No ” right ?
You can only feel it only when you have gone through it on your own life . Depressed people are a type of failure in life . They got depressed if they fails to stand firmly as people wants to . They got depressed if they can’t achieve what they wants . Depression has many faces like Relationship issues , career issues , studies issues & so on .

Nobody supports such depressed people . They don’t have anyone to talk about despite of being whole family , friends etc. Depressed people often thinks giving up but they don’t . Depressed people often assumes the smile on their lips are not made for them . Depressed people tries hiding themselves from crowd so that nobody would ask ” whats up ? ” because they have nothing to reply actually . Despite of all the rejections , all the imperfections they lives . They keep struggling . They thinks giving up is not all the solutions . They just keep hoping they will be alright someday.

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