Have you ever seen any depressed person ? Do they look differently? Can you identify the depressed people ? Do depressed people have horn or do they have tail ?
No ! they don’t have anything unnatural. They looks as we do but if you notice them closely they may be smiling often , They may be cracking jokes all the time but often you will find that person sitting alone . Their eyes and their lips won’t match . Thier pain on their smiling lips can be seen on their eyes . They won’t share their issues & stresses because they believe no one cares . Before , they shared with them whom they trust but at last they admitted on one cares . They fear to listen NO . They fear of REJECTION .

If you ever feel someone is depressed in your circle, what you will do ? How will you heal ?
Do nothing !
Just spend few time with them .
Show little Love & Care.
Value them.
Support them .
Ask them what they like to happen .
Try to make them happy .
Never leave them alone.

I am damn sure that depressed person will feel good as well as you . You could be the reason of somebody’s smile. 🙂

Does this costs much ? ……. NO ? … Then drop a smile 🙂

Credit: Today’s Story

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