Nepali ” Twins Club ” – Facebook Group for all the Twins

Nepali Twins Club is a Facebook Group Created on July 2016 A.D. This group was formed by Mr. Ashok Dhungana and Mr. Arun Dhungana from Jhapa. It engages in uniting Twins all over Nepal or staying anywhere around the world. It firmly believes that real change can only be brought by producing critical youth mass of Twins disseminating knowledge, encouraging civic participation and creating a new platform for Twins to express their experiences being a twin.

Nepali Twins club is one and only Group created centralizing Twins Members. It is a Group with 300 members and growing day by day. Twins are identified and added to our closed group and Non- twin are connected through our facebook page “Twins Club Nepal”Besides, Nepali Twins Club is emerging as a Social group with a motive to bring change on society by organizing different activities of social reforms and providing platform to Twin youths. Nepali Twins Club believes, Youth has a crucial role of providing concrete and scientific information to bring positive changes in the society. Moreover, Nepali Twins Club envisions in creating a Non-Profit based organization with all the twins members helping each others.

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Moreover, our goal is to make Nepalese twins known nationally and internationally through social services to the needy ones, to conduct public welfare programs and to connect our Nepalese twins brothers and sisters from all over the world. We are hoping that non-twins people will like our page “Twins Club Nepal” to be connected with us and our activities and twins pairs will be joining our group “Nepali Twins Club”..

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