Rape of Nepali Woman in New Delhi 11-May-2019

The Oshiwara Police Station, Mumbai, has registered a First Incident Report (FIR) of a 22 year Nepalese woman being gang-raped by four men in Dwaraka, New Dehli. She was travelling to Mumbai to meet her brother when she was gang-raped.

According to the police, the woman was travelling to Mumbai to meet her brother. The woman left for Mumbai from Chitwan on May 9 and reached New Dehli on May 11. When she reached the metropolis, she was unable to think as to how to take the bus for Mumbai. While asking people for the bus to Mumbai, she happened to meet a fruit seller, who beguiled her with an assurance of making all necessary arrangement for her journey to Mumbai.

It was the evening when the fruit seller persuaded her to accompany him to his nearby room saying it was not safe to stay outside at that time. Upon reaching his room, he raped her and reportedly he made calls to his three other friends who later raped her turn by turn. After knowing that she was travelling to see her brother when asked by the main accused, she also made him talk with her brother over the phone. Until then her brother was unaware about the incident.

Later the victim was threatened to be killed if she shared the incident with anyone. And the friends of the main accused took her to the train station and left her to Mumbai-bound train. She only disclosed the incident on May 13 and next day she and her brother went to the police station and filed the FIR.

The police has registered the FIR based on the sibling’s account. The Oshiwara Police Station, Mumbai, has sent the FIR to Dehli Dwaraka Uttar Police, according to sources. Police are preparing to take the victim to New Dehli for further investigation.
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