One of the Oldest School of Nepal in Terhatum

One of the oldest school of Nepal, Shree Pokhari Secondary School, Chate Dhunga, Terhatum. Built in 2016 B.S it is one of the early schools established in eastern part of Nepal along with some other few schools. It’s architech was inspired from the schools and colleges building structures in Darjeeling of India. As the building … Read more

Dhan Tamang : Coffee Lab UK : A Nepali guy winning UK Latte Art Title since Last 6 Years

The shown personality is Mr. Dhan Tamang from Nepal , he’s the newly appointed MD of Coffee Lab UK , and an even newer dad. Dhan still holds the title as the only person to win the UK Latte Art Championships for 6 years consecutively and he’s the founder of DT Coffee. More Importantly, Dhan … Read more

I was born into the Wrong Body.

I was born into the Wrong Body. I was born Into the body of a boy but I never really felt like a boy. Whatever little things that I liked were feminine. Most of my friends were girls and I loved to play dollhouse with them. When I used to be alone at home I’d … Read more

MOM is the Real Hero

Ever had a moment that when you look at your mom, you cannot help but cry and tear up? I mean, her love is too genuine, divine and unconditional. She does everything for you out of love and respect. She does everything that she can do to make things better. She is a real hero. … Read more

Download app and earn 100 easy way

New app to earn balance online rs 100 by just downloading the app   play store ma gayera IME pay vanne app download garnus   ani app download garexi teha phone number ra aafno details hala   ani follow this details   Are you a ime card holder?? click no   then teha aafno citizenship … Read more

Voice Against Women Violence

SHE CRIED After saying “whatever I have faced and tolerated I only know” she cried. But why she cried?? She cried because he doesn’t like her talking with others, she cried because he saw her talking with someone for few moments. She cried because he was not the one who was her friend, he was … Read more

Royal Bath , Tusha Hiti , Patan Durbar Square – Nepal

Tusha Hiti is located at the centre of a square known as Sundari chowk in Patan durbar square built on 1647 .The durbar has three other similar squares which vary on shape and size. Sundari chowk known as beautiful square is the one in which much effort has been made to name its name. It … Read more

How To Keep Girlfriend Happy ?

  Before you know how to keep Girlfriend happy , First you must know What is girlfriend ??? Actually girlfriends are those living object which gives special pleasure to male with a greatest headache of all time. Making girlfriend means keeping yourself under the surveillance of CCTV camera, even CCTV camera captures what comes under … Read more