Voice Against Women Violence


After saying “whatever I have faced and tolerated I only know” she cried.
But why she cried??

She cried because he doesn’t like her talking with others, she cried because he saw her talking with someone for few moments. She cried because he was not the one who was her friend, he was the one who always points at her weakness and the one who gives punishment. She cried because she was not in the level of her friends who were graduated from international university. He trolled her everytime about her level. She cried because she was born in rural area and was not in the urban style. Every one can learn in time, some mistakes can occur while learning. She cried because there was low salt in curry, she cried because she have a kitchen, water for washing and towel for wiping her face.

She cried because she cannot make her voice sweet towards her brother and sister in law, forget to bow her head infront of her father in law.
She cried because she was the one with low dowry. She cried because she can be a good mother but she couldn’t. She cried because she was the good elder and younger mother but not the mother, infertile woman. She cried because she could have her own future. She cried because she had educational qualification, vocal for singing and a capacity of good dancing waist. She cried because she have a side on a bed, pillow to low her voice and have experience of being raped by her own husband.
She cried remembering her love, remembering goodluck of someone and badluck of herself, prestige of her poor parents. She cried because today her child was little hurt, which was the reason for to be slapped and kicked and punched by her man.the painless cut and the painful snatches of her hair. She cried because she was alone in the crowd . She cried because she was threatened to be begged on the road, she cried because still she have tears and the dam of tolerance is not broken.

She cried because she made a courage to ask justice, she cried because She did not got the statue of justice while asking for justice. She cried because she never heard that its crime to be slapped and you will get justice. She cried because she was questioned that because of that slap is your eardrum teared???

She cried because she only knew what she have faced and tolerated.

( All of the ‘SHE’ who is between us may get courage to speak against domestic violence. All courageous get justice)

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