source of motivation for me

Meet Ravi Pandey. For the last 2 years, this passionate 13 year old kid has been working with other children like him. He often asks “Br,other, why isn’t everyone getting a proper education? Why don’t students of government schools get proper education?”

He has shared his guitar skills to 200+ students among which 80+ students have completed the basic course of the guitar. These students are from the villages of Rupandehi who have hard access to anything apart from school education.

He, along with his other friends have started an institute to continue his aim to help unprivileged students. He hardly stays in his home on Saturdays. He commits his full day for that, including all other holidays. He is youngest in his musical band ” Dignity Band”; a band of teenagers. They aim to raise funds through their programs.

This picture is from the second program which he conducted at Lilaram high school in Bhairahawa where he provided educational material to 30 students who are talented yet come from a poor family background. The students were selected by school teachers. He collected all the materials from his schools .

His works are source of motivation for me 🙂
– Says Ajay Pandey

Credit: Today’s Story

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